How was Soviral born?

My name is Vanessa Perrin and it is upon returning to France from a 12-year experience in the United States, that the idea of riding on my own emerged.

With a broad marketing experience behind me, strongly influenced by the social media culture and after being blown away by the early outcome of social media marketing (which took place about three years sooner in the United States), I decided to launch Soviral Marketing Consulting in 2012. 

Although it has expanded over time, Soviral’s primary mission is to help small businesses with their start-up or launch strategies and on a broader spectrum, to effectively guide and assist them with marketing their services or products in an ever-evolving digital environment. As time went by, tools evolved, I acquired more experience working for diverse clients and I became more and more result-driven. Obsessed with numbers and concrete results, I strongly believe in testing and it is now more than ever at the core of my work style. My passion for social media from day 1 and it’s virality made finding a name for this ship, easy: so viral, Soviral.

How do I work?

I develop tailored online strategies that make sense to my clients in order to increase the visibility of their brands/websites/businesses online, to reach their target audiences, generate leads and conversions. 

#Transparency I offer priced services and beyond that I bill on a per work day-basis. You will always know how your project is progressing.

My clients are free to work with different service providers and I will gladly collaborate with them if need be. My priority being that we reach your operational goals.

Since all businesses aren’t made equal, I offer my services in two different formats:

You have a project ?

Freelancer in digital marketing based in Paris, France. Soviral Marketing Consulting specializes in small business marketing. I offer services in online marketing: Community Management, Digital Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords and provide Training and Assisted Learning services for entrepreneurs, small business owners, startup businesses.