Let the numbersdo the talking

Today, Facebook has more than 1.79 billion monthly active users worldwide and 31 million users in France. *

In 2016, social networks were seeing an average of 18 new users worldwide per second!

The number of social media users has exactly doubled since 2015. **

*(Facebook, Q4 Reporting 2016)
**(Digital, Social, Mobile : Les chiffres 2017, We Are Social/Hootsuite)
(Agence Digitale, tiz.fr)

Social media mechanics

Social networks create a strong and direct link with your prospects. These interactions represent significant growth opportunities, benefits for your business in terms of customer loyalty and a way to stay closely connected to your market.

Although each platform operates according to a specific algorithm that is in constant evolution, it is important to understand the basic functioning of social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.

Sharing is the mechanics at the core of the functioning of these platforms. Voluntary sharing of content by a corporate page or profile, and the broadcasting of actions taking place on the network. For example, when content is “liked”, “commented”, “viewed” or “shared” on Facebook.
When you consider that each user has an average of 150 active friends or followers, Social recommendation becomes very real and powerful!

                 = (shared content x 150 people) x 150

                 = content potentially seen by 22,500 people minimum

                 This is called the virality of a content.

Think about it. You want to go out and try a new restaurant for dinner: Are you going to be more inclined to try a restaurant for which you saw an ad or a restaurant that a friend recommended? Social recommendation was not born with social media but social media, with the many possibilities offered on the different platforms, has leveraged and boosted this naturally occurring interaction between people.

Having a social media presence gives your business a voice and an ear:

👂🏼 Listen to what is said about your business and your market on the web

📢  Talk to your community and develop your online presence

💬 Respond to requests, engage in conversations and manage your business image.

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